May 10, 2008

Burnout by Boredom!

Burnout by Boredom!
Usually burnout is associated with an excess of long hours, stress and high-pressure situations. But what about the reverse? If your job is dull and boring, expectations are low and stress unheard of – does that also cause burnout?

If you let it get to you – you will have burnout by boredom.

If this lull at work is temporary – fear not. Use it to your advantage. Take some CBTs, revise your resume, network, get involved with corporate events, get certified – some options that will help you come out ahead at the end of the rest period.

If you want to be more aggressive, this lull can be the opportunity to jumpstart a second career or side business. If you have always thought about starting something new – now is the time to explore your options. Leverage this time to read, meet and learn about your new venture. Maybe even launch something part-time to get it started.

If the lull is long-term or endemic of your role, culture or organization – you have to wonder – how long will this situation last? Once the honeymoon ends and you are in the market with a stagnant set of skills and a laid-back work ethic – expect the going to be tough.

Dull and boring comes in various flavors – make sure you handle your downtime judiciously.

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