May 5, 2008

A Bad Chair Day - Come' on Grow Up!

I miss my massage
A Bad Chair Day - Come' on Grow Up!
I've been out of the office on a three-day seminar and have got back to find my chair has been replaced with a less comfortable one. I suspect a colleague who started his job while I was away. His cubicle is right across from mine and every time I see him I feel cross. Should I get in early one morning and swap the chair over again? But what if it wasn't him? Should I confront him, or would that look petty? Or do I just put up with a chair that is uncomfortable and is not mine?
Query posted to FT's Lucy Kellaway

I agree with Lucy that we spend enough time at work or specifically we spend almost as much time in our chair at work as much as we do in bed so there is abound to be attachment. And therein lies the problem.

Sometimes that attachment can become rather obsessive. Although I am not against personalizing your cube or workspace - there is a line you have to draw. After all work is work and lest we forget everything at work is owned by our employer - the cube, the computer, the files on the computer, the office supplies, the printer paper, our time ...

And the more attached you become to your desk and your chair and your application and your job - the harder it becomes to let go. Let go may happen because you want to or you are asked to. Attachment is directly proportional to separation pain so be careful when the urge to really settle down starts to tap you on the shoulder.

To the hapless office worker in the above story - get another chair and get to work. At least you have a chair!

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