December 12, 2007

When You Decide to Go – Just Go!

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My 2008 Resolution - No Soda
A hot shot manager in my previous job put in this 2 weeks and top management freaked out. He was indispensable, the key player in a proposal we were about to submit … basically a superstar who had to be retained. More money sealed the deal and the star decided to stay – for another 2 months before he finally quit.

When you decide to put in your 2 weeks – that should be the final chapter. For some that is the starting point to negotiate a better deal but in my view that is a folly. The employer loses trust in the employee and the employee has already made up his mind - it's a matter of time. You can’t reconcile a marriage by threatening divorce.

To make it work – you have to pursue the 3 step strategy.

Step 1You: Are you doing what it takes to succeed? Are you eager, motivated and willing to take that extra step to make it happen? We can very easily fall in the entitlement mode – where we expect the promotion and the raise.

Step 2Company: Are you still in love with your company? Do you dig the culture, the style and the company vision? If there is a drifting apart of values, strategies and objectives – time to rethink your tenure.

Step 3 – Time: Sometimes you hit a rough patch. Bad assignments, bad bosses, personal issues – you just can’t seem to catch a break. Give it some time. Work to resolve the issues. Seek opportunities, be an exemplary worker, give it your best.

And finally – when nothing works. You have reached the end of the line. Whatever the reason, you have pursued all options to make it work for you and it has not. Time to move to the next gig.

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