December 14, 2007

Learning From Goldman

So what did Goldman do right? Many things, which are worth reflecting upon. After all Goldman is the only brokerage firm still making money on Wall Street while the likes of Merrill Lynch and Citibank are licking their wounds.

Here are some of the attributes, which would serve any career professional well in succeeding in the corporate rat race.

Agility: You have to move with the times. Change is constant and if you are laid back basking in your past glory - beware!

That will hurt

Foresight: This is how it used to work does not mean that is how it still works. The market, the economy and the job market are all evolving. You have to look beyond today to succeed.

Courage: Quit following the herd. Look around, access, understand and then make your own bets. After all who better to look out for you than "you".

How Goldman Won Big On Mortgage Meltdown - Wall Street Journal

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