December 18, 2007

UNSTUCK - Strategies, Tips and Techniques to Reenergize your Career Progression

Are you stuck? Stuck in a dead-end job, stuck without a promotion, stuck with a bad boss or stuck in the wrong industry? A lot has changed over the past twenty years including how we work, how companies treat their employees and how to move ahead in the global economy.

This eGuide provides you with strategies and techniques to effectively and immediately manage your career. The author uses his extensive background in IT management and input from senior managers and industry leaders to give you practical, effective and usable guidance. This eGuide is filled with references to excellent case studies, templates, expert interviews and current techniques which you will find very helpful and insightful.

If you have liked my posts and ranting - you will appreciate some of the advise in this eGuide. I struggled with the "free" versus "$" for the eGuide. Finally - something which adds value has a price. I am keeping the price nominal, partly thanks to the improvements in publishing technology and the internet. If you want a free copy - please email me.

Thanks and look forward to your comments!

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