December 25, 2007

Reminder - Your 2007 Annual Review is Due!

Annual Review for Mark Runta

- Mark has been exceptional in his role ...

- Mark has motivated his team and shown leadership in ...

- Mark has been an asset ...

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mark on any project in the future. Mark's integrity and work ethic is exemplary and he can always be relied upon to meet (and usually exceed) his commitment. It has been a pleasure working with Mark.

If that were your 2007 annual review would you be happy or upset? Seems like a good review, even exceptional - something we all desire but this review is lacking something important. Yes - you heard me right. This review could be better!

A review is a reflection on what was expected, what transpired and what was the outcome. Sometimes human emotions to avoid confrontation prevail and we take the short cut during review time. And the short cut is a mostly good review with a hint of "you can do more" and we are all happy. No confrontation about deficiencies and no extreme rating as either exceptional or totally dismal.

But to succeed you cannot afford to be dismissed as just another "meets expectation" candidate. To succeed you need to know

What you do well: It's always good to know your strengths. Positive feedback reinforces what works for you and allows you to dwell on making it better. After all your strengths have the potential to take to far in your career - nurture them and grow with them.

But feedback cannot stop only on the positive - it has to address the flip side of the coin ...

What you need to work on: The hard part of any review but an essential learning tool. You need to understand where you fell short and what you can do to get the A grade. No one is perfect and if someone says you are - do you believe that? To improve the smart and diligent are not afraid of criticism and seek productive feedback at every opportunity.

Make your 2007 review productive by focusing on both the good and the bad.

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