December 30, 2007

How to Make it Happen in 2008

Another 365 days
How to Make it Happen in 2008
Time to make New Year resolutions and plan for great things in the next 365 days. As you chalk out your professional objectives and aspirations keep the following in mind

Taking Stock - We live in a changing world and it makes sense to periodically take stock of where we are, what is going on and what can be done to exploit opportunities. Look around you and ponder the following questions
  • Where is your company headed? Expanding, downsizing, growing ...
  • Where is your project headed? Doing well, struggling, outsourcing, budget cuts ...
  • What is the technology direction around you and where is the market headed - COBOL/legacy, Java/J2EE, Web2.0. PHP ...
  • Workforce assessment - what skills are in demand, what is "hot", what is demanding a premium ...
  • Outsouring/offshoring - are you in the thick of it, contemplating, never heard of it ...
Strategize - Where do you want to be in 2008? If you go with the flow, then you have limited control and others will dictate your career direction. If you want to influence what happens in 2008 - strategize your objectives. Think about - project choices, skill acquisition, training plans, organziational alignment, career evaluation and new opportunities. Remember - if you plan for it, the chances that it will happen are much higher.

Formalize - Write it down. Review it with your mentor(s). Revise as necessary but create a record of what you want to accomplish in 2008. When you write is down and review it - it helps to formalize the committment you have made to yourself.

Do it - Nothing impacts progress more than inaction. You can plan and strategize all you want but if you are not willing to take action - you will be stuck in the same place in 2008. Meet people, attend training sessions, network, learn new skills and reach out for new opportunities. Everything may not work out but that it not the point. Trying is the what makes a difference. Give it a shot!

Good Luck in 2008!

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