January 2, 2008

Is Career Management a Priority for You?

No really – is it in the top 3 of your 2008 goals? Probably not – right?

When I hear about resolutions and goals – weight loss, more money, more time with family and maybe a new job show up in the top spots but not career management.

Think about it this way. How much time do you spend in a job? About half your lifetime in years (40 years out of an average lifespan of 80 years) or about 40-50% of the hours in a typical weekday (excluding sleeping and other required tasks). How much does a job contribute to your financial well being? For some, the job is the only source of initial investment before you add market return, appreciation etc. into the equation.

He got it right
Is Career Management A Priority for You?
In other words, a successful career has an impact on a huge portion of your life – both duration and quality. So why is career growth and professional well-being not your top priority?

If it is – tell us how you are accomplishing your career objectives. If career management is not your top priority – maybe you should reconsider where career should be on that list.

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