July 7, 2008

Drama Queen - Not Welcome!

Are you opinionated, moody, verbose, emotional and sensitive ... at work? Hopefully the answer is no, except for an occasional bout of 'losing it'. Being professional at work is the anti-thesis of the above personality. Professional behavior entails the following

  • Leave your baggage at home: Please don't bring your personal issues to work. Work is a place of business, where above all you have an obligation to perform your assigned duties. Socialization and personal interaction is fine - as long as it does not impact your or your co-workers output.

  • Manage your image: Your professional image is different from your personal life. Blurring the boundary between personal and professional is never a good idea. You should strive to put your best foot forward at work - everyday.

  • Expectations management: Yes there are implicit and explicit professional expectations. What you can wear to work is explicit. How you behave and interact should meet certain implicit norms - courtesy, politeness, demeanor and attention are some of them.

Pleasant, polite and assertive team members are always in demand. The drama queen or the blow-up artist are barely tolerated and mostly not welcome. It is your choice!

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