June 30, 2008

Opportunity Knocks!

Opportunity Preparation Ambition Focus
It is a rare occurence but sometimes opportunity does knock on your door. The question is – what do you do when opportunity comes knocking?

Ignore It
Happens all the time. You are not expecting, thinking or even contemplating a change in your routine. You have your blinders on and blissfully ignore what could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Avoid It
Sometimes we shy away from that opportunity. Some fear, some laziness and some just lack of foresight but in the end we choose not to participate in that venture. A job opening, a business venture, maybe investing in a promising company, meeting someone special, participating in an event – we just let it slide by.

Embrace It
That happens when you are ready. Ready to make it happen. You have been waiting eagerly, in anticipation and here it is. This situation entails preparation, willingness, ambition and an open mind. When you do your due diligence and focus on you next venture – the opportunity will present itself. And pursuing that opportunity will not be an option but a certainty. That is the hallmark of success.

Opportunities will pass the oblivious and timid but not the prepared.

(Photo courtesy Flickr/idg)

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