June 2, 2008

Quit Your Whining!

How to Make it Happen in 2008
I keep coming across these characters often – the whiners and complainers. This is broke, this doesn’t work, this is not right, this is bad, this sucks – blah blah blah! We all are guilty to some degree of letting off some steam every once in a while about our jobs, the economy, politics – just stuff. Occasional venting is different than constant whining at work. Why? One is normal human temperament; the other is a career limiting personality trait.

At work you have the ability to fix things. Granted not everything but there are possibilities. Far more possibilities if you willing to take the attitude of 'solve a problem'. And trust me – everyone loves a problem solver. A person with a positive attitude who is willing to invest his time and energy to put things right is always a positive addition to any team.

So next time before you email a complaint to your manager or team – consider putting some appropriate solutions in that email. Follow-up on your ideas, work with your team and solve the issue. Getting things done is much more satisfying than just talking about them.

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