May 28, 2008

Getting Smarter – Everyday

I recently watched an interview with Warren Buffett. Mr.Buffett is an astute investor and it is great to listen to him talk about investing. In this interview he said something which I think applies to all of us. His point was that everyday we have an opportunity to become a little smarter. And if we are not becoming smarter – that is a problem.

So the question is – are you becoming a little smarter everyday? If you are stuck, consider the following options

- Take a training course
- Teach a course
- Read a book
- Read a trade journal
- Learn a new tool or technology
- Use the help feature to learn more about the tools you use
- Learn about the business
- Start a blog
- Write an article
- Attend a conference
- Apply for a franchise
- Write a business plan
- Create a website

Don't kill yourself - just become a little smarter - everyday!

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