March 21, 2008

Who Is Pushing You ... Ahead?

Team Meeting!
How to Make it Happen in 2008
I usually play a better game of squash or tennis when I am playing with a better player. I try harder, play better and maybe learn a few things in the process. Conversely, my game usually deteriorates when I play with a weaker player. The reasons are obvious. I am not challenged; I slack off, make mistakes and barely get by.

It is the same concept at work. When you are surrounded by competent, energetic and ambitious people - you tend to try a little harder. You push yourself more, are more challenged and learn a few things on the way. When you are surrounded by slackers and insipid folks - you tend to, slack off!

Who you work with and for - has a significant impact on your professional life. Be judicious in picking the company you keep.

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