March 2, 2008

Good is Fine, Great is Better!

How to Make it Happen in 2008
The world is flat. In other words it's a global economy, which opens the door for competition. Competition for talent, competition for efficiency and competition for price - irrespective of border, time zone and culture. In this context just being good is not good enough. To excel in this environment and to get to the next level requires new thinking and strategies. Some thoughts on the subject -

To move beyond the basic level of competency, you have to focus on super-specialization. You have to excel at something by having total mastery and knowledge about the subject matter. Just being a programmer will not cut it because everyone is a programmer. What is needed is a certified, ratified and glorified language specialist. Find your niche and then specialize - stand out in the crowd!

Super Certify
As a marketing tool, there is no substitute for industry certification. A well known, respected certification can grant you instant credibility. Every field has relevant certifications - find the ones that apply to your industry and don't be shy to attach those acronyms to your name.

Industry Presence
Are you a known quantity in your industry? Do you have published papers, leadership position in industry groups, presentations in conferences, a well read blog ... To be a key player in your field requires an industry presence that augments and enhances your brand. Be a leader in your field by establishing yourself beyond your current corporate boundary.

Share & Grow
Above and beyond technical competency, greatness is a people quality. Great people and leaders establish themselves by sharing knowledge, promoting talent, learning from others and investing in people. When you become a role model, the go-to guy, the sought after mentor, the trusted lieutenant - you have crossed the boundary from good to great.

In the new business environment, technical skills and generic roles are commodities. Commodities that are available globally and readily. Take the steps to learn, educate, grow and establish you at the next level. Don't just achieve, exceed!

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