March 5, 2008

Career Paths - This or That

Finding your path
How to Make it Happen in 2008
'Shaking the rain off his jacket, Martin Bennett entered the cavernous warehouse of a refurbished-mattress supplier one recent afternoon. Past stacks of old bedding, he found, sitting behind a desk, a man who identified himself as the owner of the E&G Bedding Corp.

Mr. Bennett wanted to inspect the company's paperwork on the sanitation tests required on used bedding that's resold. Instead, he was shown the door. "Get...out of here!" shouted the man. "This is private property."

He was correct that Mr. Bennett has no business reviewing the company's internal records -- at least not anymore. He retired more than six years ago from the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, where he worked as a compliance officer for more than four decades.'
Safety Inspector Just Can't Stop Poking Around(subscription required)

Two ways to look at this situation...

You have a passion for what you do. You enjoy it thoroughly and fully. Even after years of commitment if you still wake up ready to go - wow! This is not work - it is finding your life's calling. Many strive for it, some find it.


Why fixate on only one thing in life? Life offers us a platitude of choices and if you are not experiencing and enjoying what is possible - are you missing out? Step outside, experiment, experience and explore. Life is short - live it!

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