October 4, 2007

Do You Believe in Your Company?

Employee engagement is a key metric which a lot of companies track closely. After all happy or engaged employees make a better company. One key engagement factor is the investment employees make in their company's products and services.

If an employee chooses not to invest in his company’s product due to a variety of reasons (price, quality etc.) does it mean that the employee is not invested in his company. Questioning the employee’s loyalty would be the easy response to this situation.

In my view – this issue is deeper than buying company products. Investing in company products is secondary and will happen by itself. The key question is – Does the employee believe in the company?

If there is commitment then there is faith and loyalty – and buying the company is only natural in that case. Believing in something goes beyond showing a cursory commitment by subscribing to the company line. And this needs to work both ways.

The company has to delve deeper into how it manages its workforce to get the genuine commitment that great companies have. Issuing a mandate to buy company products does not buy loyalty – it buys indentured customers.

As an employee – one needs to soul search and answer the question – do I believe in this company? Because when you believe in something you will do everything you can to make it succeed, including buying into the company. When you believe and have faith – you commit to that cause and give it your 100%. And that commitment makes a difference – for you as an individual and also for the company.

If you don’t believe in your company – it’s usually a lose/lose proposition. You are investing a substantial amount of your life working for this company and if you don’t believe in this cause – maybe it’s time to reconsider your options? So before you comply with the corporate mandate to buy the company product – answer the question – Do you believe in this company?

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