September 30, 2007

The New Manager

Global ManagerManagers are in demand - worldwide. This assertion is backed up by the observations being made in emerging markets like China and India and also developed markets like American, Europe and Japan. The global economy is firing on all cylinders and the need for managers with special skills is fast outpacing availability. This could mean an opportunity for you. To be a effective manager in today's economy you need - strong people management skills, sourcing skills and global experience.

  • People Management - The ability to manage people is an exceptional skill. This basic management trait has been a valuable skill in the past but the requirements are evolving with the times. Management skills now require - managing across locations, across cultures and quickly adapting to evolving technological changes. To be hot in this space - you need to acquire the requisite skills and experience to compete in the global marketplace.

  • Sourcing - Globalization is changing the way companies staff for key skills. More than proximity - its about talent and skill (remember The World is Flat). Learning the mechanics of sourcing strategy, skill acquisition, vendor management and global workforce management are the new challenges.

  • Global Experience - And finally to be truly up to speed on these trends and effective you have to have experienced the global phenomenon. Cultural differences, different work practices and the human dynamics are very different in different parts of the world. Getting global exposure gives you the first hand knowledge and experience you need to be a truly "hot" commodity in this market.
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    David Blake said...

    Management skills have always been in demand and will be in the future. I agree that managers have to evolve to stay competitive in the new global marketplace. Offshore assignments are an excellent way to gain some of these skills.