September 11, 2008

Keep It Simple!

Get it?
complex complicate simple real
Are you ever struck by the complications and complexities you encounter at work? Thousand task workplans, super-complicated organizational structures, a partnership agreement documented in multiple folders, a vision statement that takes a whole day offsite meeting to articulate …

I don’t get it. New PMs will insist on creating a plan with dependencies, milestones and tasks that will confound even a seasoned project manager. Participants in a meeting will get entangled in the details of a situation which gets them no closer to solving the issue at hand. Issues will get exaggerated with history, personality and vested interest to make it almost impossible to solve.

My advise - keep it simple! Most things in life are not complicated – we make them so. Over complicating something does not make is more important or more glamorous – it just makes it harder. And harder makes it more expensive and risky.

We all get caught in the frenzy to create more and more – but pause for a moment and think. Is it required, does it add value, does it address any objectives, does it get the job does faster – question the reason to add more. Keep it simple, keep it doable and keep it real!

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