April 23, 2008

Letting It Go. Your Job That Is!

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How Letting It Go. Your Job That Is!
What do Jimmy Carter, Jack Welch and Alan Greenspan have in common? They are unable to comprehend the meaning of ‘ex’. ‘Ex’ means – past, history, previously, used to be. These gentlemen cannot let go – of their old jobs.

Do you see that at work? I do. People seem to form an attachment to what they produce – rightly so because they have invested their time and effort into that venture. This is my application, my process, my team. A sense of ownership is commendable but needs to be balanced. The reality is that you are not the ultimate owner – think of yourself as a caretaker. The corporation you work for is the owner – you merely come in, add value and eventually move on.

When you cannot move on gracefully – problems arise. The new owner wants to assert his ownership and leave his mark by changing, optimizing and evolving. But he cannot do that because you are contesting his every move. Maybe your comments are valid but are they relevant?

The spotlight in on the new owner. He is accountable for delivering and as a result has the authority to improvise as needed. This is not a time to create road blocks for new leadership or question their ability – it is a time to support and quietly phase yourself out. You time in this position is up.

When it is time to move on – it is best to move on. Let the current managers win or lose – it is their prerogative. You challenge awaits you – excelling in your new venture. Channel your energies forward – let go of the past.

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