February 11, 2008

In Peace Prepare for War

You snooze you lose
How to Make it Happen in 2008

When times are good, everything seems to come together. The work is good, relationships gel, money is plenty and opportunities seem to just fall in your lap. These are also the times when the tendency to be comfortable and complacent is at its highest. After all these are the good times!

And that is a mistake. "In peace prepare for war" - said Sun Tzu. In other words when times are good is when you should be preparing for the next stage of your career. Leverage the good times to get ready for the next round by focusing on the following

Position Yourself
It is easier to move around internally and get the position you seek when times are good. Think about marketable positions and skills when positioning yourself within your current organization. In other words, what do you want on your resume if you were to go out in the market soon. A little diligence to understand market needs and finding matching opportunities will get you started on the right path.

Train Yourself
Training is an easier proposition when budgets are overflowing. Invest in appropriate training and education to build your credentials. Leverage internal courses, paid training and industry certification to create a marketable profile.

Create Visibility
Become visible by investing in relationships and marketing yourself. Reach out and meet people, explore opportunities and create lasting relationships. Relationships take time to inculcate - so start making the investment now.

When will you be hit with economic downsizing or right sizing or whatever - no one knows. So prepare for the next stage of your career when it seems there is no need to prepare.

That is smart career planning.

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1 comment:

Dwayne said...

Good post with some good thoughts. Staying on the upper edge of preparation is always something that needs to be done.