January 15, 2008

Are You A Good Boss or A Bad Boss?

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Are You A Good Boss or A Bad Boss?
The New York Times offered a quiz on how to assess your "bossiness". Key questions to ask yourself include
  1. Have you ever publicly criticized an employee?
  2. Do you take credit for your employees’ work?
  3. Do your employees fear you?
  4. Do you expect employees to do what you tell them without question?
  5. Do you believe employees should know what to do without you telling them or providing guidelines?
  6. Are you a yeller?
  7. Do you demean employees as a form of punishment?
  8. Do you play favorites?
  9. Do you hate delegating?
  10. Do you check everyone’s work?

You got it - the more times you say yes to the above questions - the "badder" you are! Or at least the likely hood exits.

The overall sense that emerges from this quiz is

Good bosses treat their employees with respect. People are our greatest resource and if a manager is unable to create trust, loyalty and engagement - then something is definitely amiss.

A manager, who understands his domain, is competent and knows what he is talking about exudes confidence. Beyond demeanor, confidence leads to leadership, delegation and execution excellence. A confident manager is not insecure about his position and will usually not demean or insult his employees. He will invest his time and energy in growing his employees.

A good boss is usually looking for an alignment of objectives between the organization, you and himself. In other words a win-win for all. If you succeed, then he is doing his job and finally the company reaps the benefits or engaged employees and quality work. A boss who steals your thunder is either seeking to pursue a selfish objective or is unable to create that holistic alignment.

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Anonymous said...

My mom needs to tell her boss that "abuse is not the way to run an organization"...but unfortunately she is afraid of losing her job so she just remains a "Doormat". What do your employees feel about you? Ck out dailycents.com at http://blogs.dailycents.com/?p=824