November 11, 2007

What Can Hillary Teach You?

What Can Hillary Teach You?Did Hillary Clinton stumble into the presidential race? Obviously she did not, neither did the current president George W Bush or other well known political figures. If some did stumble into the presidential race like Ross Perot and Steve Forbes – they had non-political objectives and no shot at making it to the top job. So you ask - what is the big deal with Hillary gunning for the commander-in-chief of the United States?

The big deal is the foresight and planning which these candidates exhibit in getting to the top political job in the US. Hillary Clinton being where she is today is not an accident. Years of planning, political maneuvering and strategic planning have put her in the current position. And there is something to be learned from this acute focus on the big picture.

When you start – there may be fortuitous circumstances at play and you may bounce around till you find your groove. The sooner you find your groove the better the chances that you can plan and hopefully get the top job you desire. C level executives don’t stumble into these positions, and neither is that luxury offered to you.

If you are keen on the corporate top job – the sooner you grow roots, define a progression plan, find the right mentors and learn the nuances of the game – the faster you progress towards the “top dog” title. But being in the rat race – is it really the right objective? That’s topic for another post but in the interim – question your corporate ambitions and evaluate your plan to get there. Now is the time!



IT_PM said...

Few are lucky enough to figure out how the rest of their lives are going to turn out. The paybacks are substantial if you bet well but there is something to be said about exploring and trying out different things in life. Why tie yourself to one place when you have so many choices?

Chris said...

Hilliary did not start out with aspirations of being US president. She was a lawyer and then circumstances led her to where she is today. You cannot plan your whole career when you are starting out. You have to make good decisions when you reach key milestones in your career progression.